Data Visualisation and Infographics

I'm happy to work with Student Energy, an organisation that empowers young generations worldwide to lead the transition to a sustainable, equitable energy future through projects, initiatives, events, etc. Within the communications team, I have developed new skills and practised some skills I learned in my previous academic experiences, such as coding, UX, UI, and web design, in multicultural and remote environments. My responsibilities involved implementing new campaigns,  designing appealing content that conveys energy and climate change topics in an accessible and engaging way, designing branding material for each of our programs to be shared in all our channels of communication,  tracking progress in google analytics and the social media insights towards Student Energy's goals. Set up new goals based on our analytics and SEO analysis. Website maintenance and updates. Skills: Team management and training, Infographics and data visualisation creation, Design Management for eight different annual publications, Creation of POP material, Development of editorial projects, Digital edition of photography, Making visual content, Creation of animated videos, Layouts creation, Project management, Content creation, Analyse and interpreting corporate branding, develop personalised advertising used in each publication. Tools: Adobe Creative Cloud desktop Apps, Drupal, Google workspace

Fashion Transparency Index Prototype
Fashion Data Posters
Mexico Climbing Global Rankings
A Limited Gas Station Network
Silver: Mexico's Favorite Metal
Mexico's Gold Production: Rising to Demand
Competition in the Big Leagues
Opportune Time to Exploit Primary Sector
Infographic: Boosting Competitiveness for...
Mexico's Main Export Market
Pension Funds to the Rescue
Unclogging Mexico's Mobility Arteries
An Electric Future
Proyectos en la Cuauhtémoc
A Global Effort
Improving Mexico Logistics
Viaja seguro a tu tierra
Executives Expect Stability from the Market
Travel and Exercise on two wheels
On Track: NAICM so far
To Invest or not to Invest
Proyecto Río Lerma
Evaluación del transporte publico
NAIM Infographic
Las capillas del Tepeyac
Semáforos en la CDMX
Las Ventajas de viajar en dos ruedas
Solid Results for Commercial Aviation
Checo tiene una cita con la historia
Obtén un premio en las estaciones de la salud
More than just Fun and Games
Infographics about F1 in Mexico City, 2015
Hospitals and Care Providers
National Health System Under the Spotlight
Small infographics around Mexico Health Review 2017
Patent Expirations Loom Over Big Pharma
Publications about Health
Obesity: A Growing Problem
COFEPRIS breaks down bariers
El paso de su santidad por México
Latinos, de los más vulnerables
Space Communications: The History of Mexico Satellites
Menores robados hasta el 2015 en México
Índice de paz en los estados con eleciones
Cómo prepararse para una redada de ICE
Cómo Votar
Feminicidios, ala orden del día
Protect your skin; Avoid Cancer
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